Meet ‘Dazzle’ – The Highest Efficacy Highbay with Smart Options

Apr 13, 2018

Industry is one of the most challenging segments to illuminate efficiently. Usually associated with high ceilings, extensive spaces, extreme temperatures, long operating hours and unique building characteristics, this segment requires lighting solutions that provide powerful performance as well as stability. Bajaj Electricals has long since catered to these requirements, and with time brought in innovative products that have pushed the envelope in the world of lighting. One of the recent products launched by Bajaj is ‘Dazzle’ – a powerful LED highbay lighting with 150 lumens/watt.

With the highest efficacy as well as IOT options, the Dazzle highbay is rightly named. It offers great value in every aspect, including a lower level of maintenance. Even upgradation from the conventional mode of light will definitely result in the best ROI in the long run. Dazzle’s impressive range of features, as detailed below, can easily outperform the models of other brands

Wide and Uniform Lighting - From a purely performance standpoint, the LED definitely outranks HID counterparts. But the Dazzle highbay goes one step over and above basic LEDs in the market. It offers 150 lumen/watt of powerful illumination distributed evenly over long ranges, thus facilitating safety and productivity of employees in warehouses and industries. Features like multiple beam angle option as well as multiple CCT and CRI options enable customizable light distribution and offer visual comfort.

Energy Efficiency - Being IOT-enabled not only offers convenience of use, but also helps in saving energy. The Dazzle highbay has been specifically designed to increase efficiency by automating LED lighting usage based on dimming and various sensors such as Time, Daylight, Ambient Conditions. This also leads to optimal savings in the long run.

Safety - Apart from performance, industrial lights should also adhere to the security standards. Bajaj understands the importance of safety, and hence all its products, including Dazzle, meets all the necessary requirements. It ensures safety of workers with optimal lighting, integrated sensor-based surveillance solution, four stages of built-in protections (over load, over temp, reverse polarity & short circuit) and more. Moreover, the right level of illumination not only improves the mood of the employees but also reduces the rate of error.

Sustainability -  Global warming is a phenomenon that everyone has to come to terms with. Going LED definitely leads to energy savings, and should be the way forward. The LED luminaire and the design of this highbay itself offers a lighting solution that effectively reduces the carbon footprint and brings down the light pollution as well.

Operations Efficiency – This highbay optimizes day-to-day management with real-time insights on lighting faults, ambient conditions, warranty or contract compliance, energy consumption and more. The collective data can be used for predictive analysis, making sure that production is never hampered. This will also lead to lower level of maintenance.

Specifications of Dazzle Highbay

Suitable for diverse lighting tasks in commercial and industrial environments, the Dazzle highbay is one of the best out there in terms of performance, safety and reliability.

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