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Jun 08, 2018

When it comes to end-to-end lighting solutions, Bajaj Electricals has always been one of the first names to come to mind. And, even in the segment of single ceiling solutions, it has made its mark by successfully executing numerous projects across India. Here, we take you through a project that was executed in the city of Pune. Of course, Bajaj has successfully carried out other notable projects in Pune as well like World Trade Center and Market City. But, here we will be focusing specifically on the Cosmos Bank project.

The Challenge

Located in the heart of Pune on University Road, the Cosmos Co-operative Bank Ltd. (Cosmos Bank) decided to ensure energy management for their building. For this, Bajaj Electricals was brought in to execute the task. But energy management of a highly secure smart building was not going to be easy.

Cosmos Bank is not only a co-operative bank; it also consists of a currency chest and data centre, which made security a main concern for the clients. Another problem was the location of the bank that added to the challenge Bajaj Electricals faced. Since Pune is known as “The Oxford of India”, it attracts thousands of people daily, making its location a high threat zone. Also, installed systems had to be scalable, forward and backwards compatible, while having the flexibility to integrate with third party products. Vivotek IP CCTV cameras, Milestone video management software, HID controllers, Ingersoll Rand palm readers, a Securiton fire detection and alarm system, and Novec gas suppression systems were just a few of the low voltage systems that the BMS was required to integrate.

How It Was Done

A detailed project plan had to be developed, tracked and updated on a weekly basis to ensure compliance to the scope defined in the risk mitigation plan. By using the Delta Controls product line, Bajaj was able to integrate all third-party products. Third-party systems included HVAC (chillers, pumps, AHU’s, VFD’s, and ventilation), and electrical (UPS, DG, and energy meters) systems. The data centre was equipped with precision AC’s, gas suppression systems and hydrogen sensors. Energy analytics and dashboards were provided as well.

The system also included the following:

The Solution

With 5000+ data points, 800 multi-sensors and fire detectors, 140 access control readers, and 125 IP CCTV Cameras in place, Bajaj Electricals ensured that Cosmos Bank met all the challenges head on. Other features that were successfully implemented are:

The successful execution of the project for Cosmos Bank resulted in the authorities appreciating Bajaj’s project execution skillset.

“Bajaj Electricals is a very supportive and understanding team, and has great knowledge and expertise in the field of life safety, security, and energy management. The systems installed are simple, scalable, and open source so that as a customer, we have choices as we grow. We are happy to have Bajaj Electricals as a partner and look forward to a long term association.”

- Mr. Jayesh Maldikar
Chief Manager
Estate Management Cell

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