About the District Kendrapara & Its Needs

Kendrapara district is situated in the central coastal plain zone of Odisha state and spread across an area of 2, 644 sq. km. Agriculture is the prime source of income of the district. Also, several small-scale industries have set up their base in the area which has created professional opportunities for the natives.

In the mind of any city dweller in India, the picture of a developed city contains a wish list of infrastructure and services that describes the level of their aspiration. To provide for the aspirations and needs of the citizens, urban planners ideally aims at developing the entire urban eco-system. Lighting has always played a key role in providing last-mile infrastructure solutions reaching to the remotest place.

The Challenge:

It was brought to their knowledge that Kendrapara was searching for a solution to manage & maintain city street light effectively and efficiently for a long duration of time. Their requirement was to illuminate the main roads of towns with decorative poles along with LED luminaries.


Innovative Solution from BEL:

Bajaj Electricals always believe in creating innovative products and aims to provide end-to-end solutions for its customer. The company understands that an adequate infrastructure in the form of road and railway transport system, ports, power, airports working efficiently would contribute towards connecting the Indian economy with other economies of the world.

The team at Bajaj Electricals developed an innovative decorative sword type lighting, which allows illumination of the whole city with decorative poles along with LED luminaries. In order to open arms to the upcoming corporates to shift their base to such an important district, it is essential to be self-sufficient in terms of city infrastructure.

One of the famous quotes state, "When the going gets tough, the tough get going". Bajaj Electricals recognises that it is extremely crucial to come across challenges to improvise and deliver the best results. After bagging this project, the company was quite aware of the tough road ahead with various backbreaking challenges. The biggest challenge in the path was the management of the supply; it was one of the major constraints and the site needed to be operational by contractor phase-wise within eight weeks. Since the poles were required to be installed on main roads, the real task was to start the casting jobs by breakers and arrange for cable laying with heavy traffic around.


The Execution

Following this, requirement of submission of structural calculation for non-standard poles was a larger challenge faced by the team at the project site. With the ongoing traffic during the daytime, the installation of poles was difficult. Despite that, Bajaj Electricals’ team managed heavy traffic on main roads, and they were successful in supplying 252 units of 9 metre Sword poles with decorative arms along with 600 units of 120 watt LED street light fittings in the district.

Although there were multiple challenges right from winning the bid to the last mile installation of the street lightings, the team was successful in incorporating all the specifications in the tender and completion of framing of the PQ to eliminate competitors. The feat was achieved within the decided time frame which was commendable considering the challenges faced by the on-ground team.

Multiple tenders come with various complexities, in terms of difficult road terrains and inaccessible areas without street lights. The management decided to support a local contractor who could manage such cumbersome tasks skilfully and ensure positive outcomes

The Achievement

Bajaj Electricals successfully completed the project and incorporated all the specifications in the tender and have also done framing of the PQ to eliminate the competitors. The project was directly supervised by the Collector of Kendrapara – Mr. Samarth Verma (IAS) who was highly impressed with the quality, efficiency and durability of the work. To embark the historic step towards better infrastructure of the district, the project was telecasted from the office of Honourable Chief Minister of Odisha Shri. Naveen Patnaik.

A feather to the remarkable work was that not even a single pole with LED Luminaries installed under this project was affected during the devastating cyclone ‘Amphan’ which has caused havoc across the state of Odisha and West Bengal. The company is honoured to have delivered product/solutions that stood tall even during the adverse weather conditions.

Development of a country wholly depends on the availability of its infrastructural facilities. Infrastructure plays a vital role in the improvement of the country’s standard of living and Bajaj Electricals is overwhelmed to be a significant part in making of India’s future bright.

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