Bajaj Electricals illuminates the iconic Patna Secretariat building

About the Patna Secretariat:

Patna Secretariat, also known as Patna Sachivalaya or Old Secretariat is the administrative headquarters of the State Government of Bihar in India. It is located in Bihar's capital city of Patna. Patna Secretariat is a mighty Victorian construction located to the east of the Raj Bhavan in Patna. Built by the British in the Indo-Saracenic style, it was completed in 1917. It is 716 feet long, 364 feet wide and remains one of the largest government buildings in the city. A huge clock tower stands tall amidst the beautiful and green lawn of the place.

Project Requirements:

Lighting can bring an emotional value to any architecture – it helps create an experience for those who occupy the space. Since Old Secretariat has its own old-world charm, the main requirement is to illuminate the long horizontal structure in such a way that it will create an impact universally to lighten the entire building keeping in mind the big clock tower located at the centre.

The Challenges:

Lighting plays a vital role in the way people experience and understand architecture. Whether buildings and structures are lit naturally or artificially, lighting is the medium that allows us to see and appreciate the beauty in the buildings around us. Hence, the selection of the correct SSL devices to suit the extreme outdoor environment of the riverbed was very crucial. Keeping in mind the environmental hazards, creating a lighting scheme that is energy-efficient and eco-friendly was very challenging. At the same time, we also had to ensure that no structural harm has been done to the steel structures.

Innovative solutions from BEL:

Being a pioneer in the lighting segment, Bajaj Electricals always believe in creating innovative products and aims to provide end-to-end solutions for its customer. Bajaj Electricals takes pride in showcasing the Architectural lighting of this landmark structure. Energy-efficient and programmable solid-state lighting system is envisaged for the decorative lighting of this historic structure. Lighting brings out the architectural elegance of the prominent areas of the building and provides a tranquil and visually contented atmosphere to the visitors. More than 400 compact-sized outdoor grade LED luminaires have been used which are optically supported with precise beam angles, ensuring minimum spray of light to the surroundings and effectively controlling light pollution. The extensive use of RGBW LED luminaires minimizes power consumption, thus making the whole lighting scheme energy-efficient and eco-friendly. With the aim of simplifying the procedure of installation and maintenance, the mounting of luminaires, junction boxes and cable routing is judicially designed at feasible locations without doing any structural harm to the steel structures. Needless to say, with the constant determination and efforts of the team involved in the project, Bajaj Electricals Limited has endeavoured to keep the essence of this structural pattern in illumination design and turned this rhythm into an attractive aesthetic and visual delight.

Project outcome:

The architectural and decorative lighting, with SSL devices, is booming in India. It is also pushing the global trend of increasing night-tourism. In this case of the Old Secretariat Building project, the distinctive use of tunable RGBW LED luminaires has set another example of intelligent, dynamic lighting with the possibility of emotionally connecting with the viewers and displaying the cultural roots of the nation.

Bajaj Electricals continues to achieve newer milestones

Bajaj Electricals Limited is taking this progress forward with the usage of such intelligent SSL products with unique solutions for each different project. In this project, the entire illumination scheme is designed with colours and patterns inspired by elements of nature, local culture and national/global emotions. Despite all the odds, the team acted as the backbone of the entire project and ensured that all processes were conducted smoothly without any interruption. Bajaj Electricals strongly believes that challenges are the real motivation that helps achieve complicated goals with zero negligence and absolute perfection. The robust teamwork and efforts helped to overcome all the challenges and successfully conclude the project for the Patna Secretariat.

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