Area and Yard Lighting

Area and Yard Lighting Area and Yard Lighting

Bajaj Electricals provide optimum lighting solutions for a wide range of areas of operation. From high-security border areas to intricate grids of Railway yards, we provide reliable lighting solutions which are sturdy and dependable. With group and individual smart solutions we have made the most challenging aspect of these applications very easy and cost effective to maintenance too.
We are the leaders in the field of Area and Yard Lighting and here are the key lighting solutions that we provide.


Bajaj Electricals ensures the longevity of the light engine in critical environments, providing highly reliable solutions. Areas like border lighting or areas which need optimum visibility at all times are very difficult to maintain.

Sturdy and high product quality ensures maintenance free and long-life of products. Our lights provide high brightness for better visibility even in the toughest of conditions, enhancing the security of the area.

With our in-house R&D facilities, we introduce the most advanced and technologically competent products as per the market requirements. Our production facilities ensure a complete indigenous product with the best in class components and engineering. This also ensures deliverables for the successful and timely completion of projects.


Our robust, high-performance and cost-effective range of lighting make us a number-one choice for lighting ports across the world - no matter what the climatic conditions.

When illuminating large areas, such as container yards or airport aprons, individual luminaires need to produce a great deal of light, which can often cause glare and excessive contrast when looking towards them. Glare can be uncomfortable and distracting to workers, greatly hindering their productivity and potentially compromising their safety.

Precise optical system design, combined with the proper lighting scheme, we provide an environment with an optimum glare.


Lights at the railway yards need to be vibration tolerant. The lighting used in yards and logistics facilities is often hung on high mast poles exceeding 30 meters. Subject to extreme winds and continuous vibration, amplified by heavy machinery on the ground, the luminaires must be able to endure these unstable conditions. We provide light fixtures that are vibration resistant and have low wind loading, making it suitable for such situations.

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