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Safe cities, being the vital pillar supporting the development of smart cities, provide security and safety required to protect citizens from crime and terrorism related activities. In addition to this, they also alleviate, as much as possible, the impact of natural disasters and other possible threats.

A successful safe city solution should support a city’s security agencies, fire and rescue units and other supporting departments responsible for citizen safety.

Key elements of a Safe City include Integrated System, Multi-Agency Collaboration, Situational Awareness, Video Data & Analytics and Automated Processes.

Environmental Monitoring System

Environmental Monitoring System & Smart LED Street Lighting

With the help of modern remote sensing methods, we can now try to get the essential information on the overall data.

Using this data, we could illustrate the effects of the expansion of mega-cities over several years by means of time-lapse comparisons.

Energy Management & Analytics

Video Surveillance and Artificial Intelligence

With the rapidly growing surveillance industry, stadiums and other large venues have profited from the adoption of higher resolution cameras that provides broad coverage and exceptional image details.

This shift was an evolution from the industry’s previous reliance on networks of hundreds of analog or low-resolution IP cameras.

Integrated Traffic Management & E-Challan

Integrated Traffic Management & E-Challan

Smart Traffic Management module focuses on reducing traffic congestion and improve journey experience of the citizens.

The projects will include implementation of traffic signaling with area-based traffic control, monitoring traffic network flow, variable signage, red light violation detection systems at major intersections and an e-challan system.

Parking Management

Parking Management & Vehicle Tracking

Based on the occupancy status determined with the help of sensors, the system can guide the enforcement authorities to potentially offending vehicles with expired time limits or illegal parking.

A mobile app will provide users with information about available parking spaces and parking fees at any point of time.

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