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Command Control Centre is envisaged to be the brain for city operation, exception handling, and disaster management for any organization.

It captures and generate real time data from various services and respond to the real time events by consuming data feeds from different data sources and by processing information out of the data sets.

Command Control Centre Solutions

Command Control Centre Solutions

The creation and development of Command Control Solutions is collaborative. It’s about discovering what matters and what works.

In addition to System Dashboards, we have Personal Dashboards set up the way people want to visualize and interpret the data, based on their roles and personal preferences.

Energy Management & Analytics

Data Centre Solutions

Continuous and complete checking and management of constantly changing and expanding facility and IT infrastructure is the key to ensure uptime and safeguard uninterrupted operations round the clock.

Keeping environmental conditions in a defined range and minimizing energy consumption at the same time is one of the major ongoing challenge in a data centre.

Our Data Centre Management Solutions will help you foresee the future - to guarantee uptime and stay one step ahead of the competition.

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