What is Smart Lighting Solution?

Aug 28, 2018

This is the age of IoT, AI and whatnot! An age where even lights have become smarter to serve your needs better. All of us have been by now acquainted with the term “Smart Lighting Solution”, though probably many of us do not fathom exactly what and how much it can offer. Here, we will be taking you through what is Smart Lighting Solution and what services do they offer in indoor and outdoor facilities.

So, let’s start off with defining smart solution on a broader level. Smart Lighting Solution is the collaboration of sensor and control technologies along with communication and information technologies to give you real-time insights and help you get the best from your lighting application. It also plays a central and growing role in safety, productivity and wellbeing. Whether you remain indoors or outdoors, a lot can be achieved through the right lighting solution. And with Human Centric Lighting and Artificial Intelligence solutions on the forefront, lighting is now playing a key role in making communities more liveable, sustainable and resource efficient.

We can broadly segment the lighting solution into two parts - Smart Indoors and Connected Outdoors.

Smart Indoors

The right lighting technology can turn any indoor area into a smarter asset through automation and by improving its energy efficiency and convenience. Smart indoor solution connects various subsystems to optimize the total indoor performance. With connected lighting, you have intelligent lighting control system that offers the right amount of illumination depending on the occupancy, daylight, area and other factors. It also allows remote and central management of floors or groups of buildings. Real time data can be accessed and dashboards can be viewed that helps one better their illumination services.

Connected Outdoors

Intelligent and connected lighting solution is a primary requisite for building the foundation of a smart city. Internet of Things (IoT) is catching on like wildfire, and the lighting world has been no exception. It is seen, especially in the outdoor lighting, that smart lighting alone can optimize power consumption up to 75% over conventional streetlights and operational expenses by 50%. With features like smart street lights, real time clock (RTC), dimming, remote diagnosis and more, cities have become more secure and energy efficient. Furthermore, the futuristic lighting solution also enhances the beauty and livability of a city.

Bajaj Electricals has successfully completed Smart lighting projects in many parts of India. You can read about one of the Smart City projects here.

In the next blog, we will delve deeper into Connecter Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Solution to help you understand the scope of such projects.

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