What is an Integrated Building Management System? Read to know more

Jul 29, 2019

With the need to increase profits, control costs, increase efficiency, and minimize the effects on the environment, building management has become important nowadays.

Being a pioneer for many decades, Bajaj Electricals’s strategic move Integrated Building Management Systems (IBMS) offers a wide product portfolio including Building Management System, Fire Detection Systems, Gas Suppression Systems, Access Control System, CCTV Surveillance System, Lighting Controls and a wireless range of products.

What is a Building Management System?

A building management system is a computer system designed to keep track and control the various systems in a building including power, climate control, water pumps, elevators, lights etc.

Bajaj Electricals also provides a single ceiling solution for all the various fixtures that go onto the ceiling or on the wall such as smoke detectors, cameras, lights, speakers, thermostats with occupancy and indoor air quality options, wireless sensors and other sensors for smart buildings and smart cities.

What these systems include:

Power - Usage monitoring and flow control to different parts of the building.

Climate control - Heat, air conditioning and air circulation are provided to different parts of the building.

Building entry/exit points - It includes door monitoring and access, intrusion detection and alarm sensors within the various parts of the building.

Water - Monitors and controls pump activity for water distribution within a building.

Elevators - Control, surveillance, and access to the cars in the building.

Lights -Monitors power consumption and conservation of the many fixtures in the building.

Why a building management system?

With the rising expenditure, it has become very difficult to maintain and construct buildings. With realty becoming expensive, you need the cost of the materials required to build the building and the cost of the labour needed to assemble the framework. Besides construction, you will also require the cost of prevention for things such as fire and theft, which will make any homeowner shell thousands of dollars. As a cost saving mechanism and to safeguard investments, building management system has been introduced which provides the capability to monitor and maintain different kinds of systems in a building.

What do you mean by Integrated Building Management System?

In this context, the integration means that the building's system management abilities were part of the building's initial design. In simpler words, they weren't added after-the-fact.

Architecture of a Building Management System:

In a layman terminology, an integrated building management system looks much like a network which comprises of many elements. Depending on the business purposes of the realty managers or building owners, these elements vary from building to building. Some of the elements include:

How a building management system helps?

So, if you are a property manager or planning to invest in realty, try this popular technology to increase profits and to consider environmental impact.

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