Lighting Experience with HCL!

Jun 01, 2018

Lately there has been a lot of talk regarding human-centric lighting. So, what is human centric lighting and why is it important? As you are already aware that light, more specifically sunlight, is the most powerful regulator of human day-night rhythm, and our body acclimates itself to the level of light throughout the day. Sunlight is such a dominant regulator that it also stimulates our moods and activity levels.

In recent times though, most of us spend longer hours indoors, where there is limited exposure to the sunlight. Extensive research on the biological effects of light has shown that indoor lighting plays a significant role in stimulating and influencing our moods and activity levels as well. Light with higher spectral blue component can make your employees active and help to enhance their performance. On the other hand, light with higher red component helps them relax. Thus, many people who work in closed offices can have their biological clocks disrupted, leading to insomnia and lower level of performance if proper lighting is not provided.

With recent innovations in lighting technology, human centric lighting was innovated to curb this problem. The objective of human centric lighting is to imitate the level of sunlight throughout the day, so that our biological clock works perfectly. It takes into account the visual, emotional and biological needs of humans. Human centric lighting works to ensure that the circadian rhythm is supported, which in turn results in better performance, improvement in sleep and overall well-being.

Bajaj Electricals leveraged its expertise in the lighting segment to introduce an innovative smart lighting product that brings human centric lighting solutions for office environments. For this, the Luminaires department of BEL carried out extensive research on factors such as glare control, uniformity, contrast sensitivity and more before innovating the product. Also, the organization is now driving .nxt upgrade shows in 11 cities across India, where it will be showcasing various smart indoor LED solutions. Dominto Dyna, the product launched under the Planners segment to enable human-centric lighting, will be one of the main highlights under the smart indoor solution segment of these shows.

So, what exactly does Dominto Dyna offer?

Since our physiological and biological response depends on the light’s characteristics, Dominto Dyna helps to keep this rhythm absolutely constant, adjusting as per natural sunlight. It offers a colour spectrum with a range of 3000⁰ K - 6500⁰ K that can be dimmed to suit a particular level of activity. This is made possible by mixing the LED light with different colour temperatures ranging from warm white to daylight white. So, whether it’s a production area or a relaxation room, it enables you to choose the exact colour that goes with the specific activity.

Apart from functionality, Dominto Dyna also assures zero maintenance and ease of use. It is easily installable, and offers a long life of 25,000 hours. Moreover, it can be controlled through a hand-held remote for convenience. This tuneable LED luminaire is energy-efficient and has Class 2 Electrical Protection for additional safety.

Specifications of Dominto Dyna:

Dominto Dyna goes beyond illumination and energy-saving, it meets both visual and non-visual needs and provides the necessary support for an employee’s well-being and performance in a workplace.

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