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Bajaj Electricals Manufactures and Supplies India’s Tallest Flagpole

At Bajaj Electricals, we are honoured to have played a crucial part in manufacturing and supplying India’s tallest flagpole in Hospet, Karnataka in 2022. Weighing 88 tonnes, the flagpole has a diameter of 2.3m on the bottom and 0.9m on the top. With 20 polygons on its sides, the 123.45-meter or 405-ft tall flagpole also has ranked as the 10th tallest flagpole across the globe!

The local MLA and tourism minister, Mr. Anand Singh, had planned this project. The flagpole was scheduled to be unveiled during the hoisting ceremony of the 120x80 sq. feet tricolour on the 75th year of Independence at Puneeth Rajkumar Stadium, Hospet. The district of Hospet holds immense historic value owing to its proximity to Hampi, a UNESCO world heritage site. As a token of respect to the tricolour, the minister requested that the flag not get affected by adverse weather conditions. Hence, the tricolour was designed and made of sturdy polyester fabric to withstand the winds, sustain during the monsoon season and extreme heat conditions.

The assistant executive engineer PWD, Krishna KM, had voiced further plans of installing lighting on the flagpole post its inauguration in order to bring the focus to the top of the pole. As the pride of the Vijayanagara district and the tallest standing flagpole today, it is touted to be noticed from faraway lands. Even though manufacturing a flagpole of such high magnitude is one of the toughest jobs, Bajaj Electricals executed the project seamlessly and fabulously!

Karnataka is also home to the now second-tallest flagpole. The tallest flagpole is situated at Belgaum, also known as Belagavi, and the national flag was unfurled in 2018. Other tall flagpoles in India include the Attari Border flag in Punjab, the Bhakti Shakti flag at Pune and the Gandhi Mandap Flagpole in Guwahati.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by the Tourism Minister, Mr. Anand Singh, who inaugurated the flag by pressing a button. Additionally, the Vijayanagara district in-charge minister, Shashikala Jolle, attended the Independence Day function.

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