Bajaj Electricals illuminates Ludhiana's iconic Clock Tower.

Bajaj Electricals illuminates Ludhiana's iconic Clock Tower Bajaj Electricals illuminates Ludhiana's iconic Clock Tower

About the Ludhiana Clock Tower:

Ludhiana is the largest city in Punjab in terms of area and population. The city's population stands at 18,57,000, and the jurisdiction area of the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation is 153.97 Sq. Km.

The Clock Tower, popularly reckoned as Ghanta Ghar, is located at Ludhiana Metropolitan Centre's heart. Inaugurated on October 19, 1906, by the then Lt. Governor of Punjab, Sir Charles Montgomery, and Deputy Commissioner of Ludhiana, Deewan Tek Chand, the Victoria Memorial Clock Tower was installed to honour the 25 years of the reign of Queen Victoria. Today, the Tower is the representative emblem and a defining landmark of the city.

The Story:

Lighting plays a decisive role in people's experience and understanding of architecture, where street lighting is vital to a city's structural design. It represents the essence of a town and portrays the city as more welcoming and attractive to its residents and providing ease of navigation, tourism and nightlife after sunset. Landmarks, buildings and monuments also represent a city's identity. The proper architectural lighting can put them on centre stage, magnifying the structures and materials in a breath-taking and inspirational way.

The Clock Tower (or Ghanta Ghar in Hindi) is one of the iconic structures in the city. The existing condition of the Tower and its upkeep is moderately better, albeit with temporary encroachments near the Tower.

Being the pioneer in the lighting segment, Bajaj Electricals has always been committed to creating innovative products and providing end-to-end solutions for its consumers. After a vigorous competition, Bajaj Electricals emerged victorious by delivering the best engineering designs and solutions. It has been chosen for Supply, Installation, Testing, Commissioning, Operation and Maintenance of Façade lighting on the Iconic Clock Tower in the city of Ludhiana under Smart City Mission for five years.

The Challenges:

The COVID-19 pandemic has overturned nearly every aspect of life. While the long-term outlook of the global pandemic is still highly uncertain, businesses and individuals have faced massive disruptions. Owing to the crunch in supply, transportation, and other areas, the pandemic is the company's chief obstacle while executing the project. Ghanta Ghar is the iconic old-world charm situated in the city's heart; hence maintaining safety and hygiene protocols was the priority. Keeping in mind the environmental concerns, we cleaned the surrounding to best suit for executing the installation. Due to flyover and heavily congested roads, the usage of cranes and other types of machinery was not feasible, which created challenges for the entire team. At the same time, it had to be ensured that no structural and physical harm would be done to the surroundings. The complete installation process was performed by scaffolding.

Pioneering Solution from BEL:

Bajaj Electricals recognizes that it is incredibly crucial to overcome challenges, improvise the offerings and deliver the best results. After seizing this project, the company was well aware of the rocky road ahead with various obstacles.

Bajaj Electricals adopted innovative LED lighting techniques to transform the city's appearance with the best design and engineered solutions. With zero compromises, the company provided high-quality services and maintenance to complete the project on time.

The extensive use of RGB LED Linear Wash Lights and RGB LED SPOT Round Projector Lights minimizes power consumption, thus making the whole lighting scheme energy-efficient and eco-friendly. The distinctive use of tunable RGB LED fixtures led to the possibility of creating multiple scenes and themes. With minimal power consumption, the complete power supply and control system circuits are optimally designed to suit the extreme outdoor environment. Being an icon of prestige and honour, the illumination project by Bajaj Electricals is designed with utmost care to embellish the visual and aesthetic appeal.

Project Outcome:

An increasing number of the world's leading cities create a unique identity by lighting important landmarks to create exceptional visual experiences. The Clock Tower project and the distinctive use of tunable RGBW LED luminaires have set another example of intelligent and dynamic lighting with the possibility of an emotional to connect with the viewers while displaying the social roots of the nation.

With the constant determination and efforts of the team involved in the project, Bajaj Electricals has successfully enriched the 200-year-old iconic structure and turned this rhythm into an attractive, aesthetic and visual delight.

Bajaj Electricals strongly believes that challenges are the real motivation that helps in achieving convoluted goals with zero negligence and absolute perfection. Bajaj Electricals takes immense pride in showcasing the architectural lighting of this landmark structure and is overwhelmed to be a significant part in making India's future bright.

Bajaj Electricals sincerely thanks the CEO and team of Ludhiana Smart City Ltd and PMC, AECOM, Ludhiana Smart City Ltd. for this opportunity and for providing continuous support to beautify the city's iconic structure. This transformation has helped to bring forth the heritage of the town.

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