All you need to know about solar-powered LED lighting

Aug 23, 2019

In recent years, both LED and solar technology have become the focus of green and sustainable energy. Unlike its fluorescent competitor, green lighting alternatives enable clean, natural and portable power.

When the world was grappling with major environmental issues such as natural gas supply, increased photovoltaics efficiency or global warming concerns, the newbie technology started to take off its pace.

Currently, solar energy has been identified as one of the most effective of all the inexhaustible and renewable energy sources. The energy collected by solar panels can be used for various purposes. In a layman term, it is a lighting system that provides and stores its own energy from its own source.

Solar lighting technologies have developed quite significantly nowadays. The industry offers a wide range of collection tailored to various functional and aesthetical preferences, which include:

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Of course, if you are still not familiar with solar lighting, you probably have a lot of questions related to the benefits of using this new technology. Let’s take a look.

Advantages of using solar lighting:

Environmentally-friendly: Solar lights plays a major role in reducing carbon footprint that has been created by producing energy from non-renewable energy sources.

Unlimited source: Solar energy is inexhaustible. As long as there is some sunlight, there is no reason why you could not obtain it and produce energy out of it.

Low maintenance: Apart from cleaning and few check-ups, solar lighting systems are one of the easiest to be maintained to ensure longevity.

Life span: As compared to other traditional resources, solar lighting lasts a very long time, upwards of 20-20 years before needing to be replaced.

Has this sparked your interest towards solar energy? Bajaj, being a pioneer in the lighting industry, has been illuminating nations since decades.

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